Intro to the documentary about the ‘Vissarion’

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

Here’s a little taster of the documentary that I’ve been making about my journey to Russia to stay with a religious community:

In Search of the Vissarion from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

ITV News Training

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

This weekend I’ll be teaching Susannah Goodwin from ITV News on a bespoke FCP two days intense training. Susannah is a technical Operator who works on Avid, and is moving over to FCP. If this kind of intense professional training would interest you, please give me a call or phone the Broadway Media Centre Nottingham and ask for me. Alternatively you can contact Confetti Institute, another place where I deliver training.


KUKIMEDIA Flash Training

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

This session was a Flash animation training, specifically dealing with the 2d animation, not with actionscript, delivered onsite. Duncan Bradford, Managing Director of KUKIMEDIA LIMITED, commented on the value for money, and how happy he was with the standard of training.

Nottingham Trent University Video Lecturing

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

The new year begins and as the MSC work has just been marked, the BSC in Rich media studies is coming to an end. The Premiere video lecturing is based around the Adobe Press books and takes a comprehensive look at the software.

Arnold Hill Premiere Training

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

The Teachers from the Media department of Arnold Hill have had a number of full days training sessions and evening twilight sessions. They are making a notable improvement and they have introduced some A level students into the training sessions, which has worked well. This training is through Confetti Institute of creative Technologies.

In Search of the Vissarion

January 29th, 2009 Comments Off

This is a documentary single that I have been making for the past few years, its about my journey to Siberia to meet with some followers of a religious community who live on a mountain deep within the Taiga forest, Siberia. It’s a self funded project that I managed to realise through many hours reaserching on the internet, making contact with some of the followers of the community who agreed to help me. Then I undertook the epic journey in time for the festival that celebrates the 15th year anniversery of their leader’s ‘awakening’. His name is the Vissarion, the man they believe to be the second coming, and my film is about my journey to Siberia and the people I met on the way.

Today I have burnt the final edit onto DVD which I will be sending out certain contacts/channels within the industry. I am excited as this is where all of the hard work could pay off, and my career as a filmmaker will officially become a reality.

wish me luck

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