BtG Workshop One

January 18th, 2010 Comments Off

The first BtG workshop led by Peter Symes was very insightful, there are some fantastic ideas for films. You can be certain it will be tough to be selected for the final 7. The projects range from Arizonian old people living under constant threat of a biohazard attack, to a blind photographer.

I’m sure all the members of the workshop will be entrenched with the dreaded question…. ” but what is the film?”…. Which is thoroughly engrained into my psyche, and is my new boomerang question when developing a pitch.

I had huge input from all filmmakers and workshop leaders when developing my project, my log-line & title… and I really feel like I’ve made progress. Although, now I’ve lots of research to do…. and I’ve also got a particularly tricky puzzle to workout.

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