Belsay Hall ‘Extraordinary Measures’ 3 min version

May 22nd, 2010 Comments Off

This is a 3 min version of the film I produced for Belsay Hall exhibition in Northumberland, called Extraordinary Measures. I visited and filmed at the artist studios before the install period and then lived on site for 11 days documenting and creating a 23 min film for the opening day, which will be played over the duration of the exhibition.

It was very intense hard work and a self contained project that was brilliant fun and exactly the kind of film I want to continue to produce. Jobs like these and working for people like Zoe Bottrell and Judith King allow you as a filmmaker to be left to experiment, and the film is viewed as another piece within the exhibition not just a record of the artwork. It is a real pleasure to work with Zoe and the rest of the crew as I’m lucky enough to be just trusted to produce the final film in time and at the best quality I can, and they only want to help facilitate that.

Click here for Link to Belsay Hall

Belsay Hall ‘Extraordinary Measures’ 3 min version from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

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