Sightsavers India Trip – Kadamm Family

March 16th, 2011 Comments Off

This is a short video produced for Sightsavers, it is the story of the Kadamm family who have 7 children who are all visually impaired. I filmed it in India in December 2010

Sightsavers Kadam Family from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

About Me

November 24th, 2010 Comments Off

Ben Wigley is an independent filmmaker, shooting producer/ director, animator and editor. He runs a production company called artdocs, which specializes in documentary films about artist’s work, whilst also having an artistic approach to the filmmaking process itself.

The type of work Ben produces is primarily art related film projects for people like: The National Trust, English Heritage, Tate Media, Culture Creative, Northern Lights and The Nottingham Contemporary, while working for many charities like: Save the Children, Oxfam, Sightsavers, Wateraid as a freelancer on various roles from animator/ editor/camera or filmmaker.

As an independent filmmaker Ben’s first production was a film charting his journey to Siberia to visit a religious community of around 5000 people for a celebration of the their leader, a man they believe to be the second coming, called “In Search of the Vissarion”,

PS Your Mystery Sender is Ben’s first time director debut, and he produced the film through ‘artdocs’. It has been invited to participate in the 17th Sheffiled Doc/Fest in November 2010, and will be touring international festivals over the next year.

Electric Estate – Cragside

November 17th, 2010 Comments Off

As part of the Northumberland Lights Installation, here is a video I made explaining about the light installation and interactive interventions used. It is at the Cragside Estate.

Electric Estate – Cragside from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Electric Forest -Bedgebury

October 24th, 2010 Comments Off

A film about the Electric Forest installation in Bedgebury Pinetum National Forest.

ELECTRIC FOREST – BEDGEBURY from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Ron Mueck – Belsay

October 14th, 2010 Comments Off

This is the film about Ron Mueck’s work displayed at Belsay. Anthony d’Offay gives us a great insight into the mind of the artist and the intense feelings that Ron Mueck is able to convey through his magnificent sculptures.

Ron Mueck at Belsay from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Mariele Neudecker – Belsay Hall

October 14th, 2010 Comments Off

This very brave build sits effortlessly in the quarry gardens but was an epic task to undertake when installing. It is about a sense of layering of imagery which corresponds to a sense of time and where we are placed in the world. Traveling through and seeing layers of space reflecting on top of each other.

Mariele Neudecker work at Belsay from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Slinkachu’s work at Belsay Hall

October 14th, 2010 § 0

Here is the short portrait of Slinkachu’s work at that was shown at Belsay Hall ‘Extraordinary Measures’ exhibition 2010. This short was produced as part of a longer dvd containing all artist films- His work also is about Miniatures that evokes both humour and a sense of sympathy for his characters.

Slinkachu’s work at Belsay Hall from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Tessa Farmer – Belsay Hall

October 14th, 2010 Comments Off

Tessa Farmer is an artist who with her sculptures and taxidermy has created miniature world of skeleton fairies that interact with the natural world in a interesting and quite a twisted way. Her is a film about her work exhibited at Belsay as part of the ‘Extraordinary Measures’ exhibition.

Tessa Farmer’s work at Belsay Hall from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

Laura Ellen Bacon ‘Split Blue Form’

July 28th, 2010 Comments Off

Here is a film about the artist Laura ellen Bacon that I produced for the Blink Festival

Laura Ellen Bacon ‘ Split Blue Form’ from Benjamin Wigley on Vimeo.

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